First meetings in the project

From 25 May to 30 May the team of 3 members of our staff (Jadwiga Brożek, Wojciech Zurowicz, and Łukasz Sus) were on the business trip to Georgia. Their visit in this country was arranged earlier as a part of the project known as the “V4 know-how support for educational institutions in Georgia and Azerbaijan”. The business trip started in Tbilisi, a capitol of Georgia, where our representatives met with Polish diplomats working in the Polish Embassy. Next, the team visited Georgian Ministry of Sport and Youth. In addition, our colleagues meet with representatives of our partners in the V4 project, Stefantsmida and "Yaddaş" Maarifçi Gənclər İctimai Birliyi from Azerbaijan. Finally, the trip ended in the city of Kutaisi, where our team met with the members of ICAD Georgia, which is also a civil society organization. To our surprise it turned out our friends from that CSO are fluent in Polish and we may have common grounds for fruitful collaboration in the future.


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