Social inclusion


There are several ways how “social inclusion” can be understood. Nonetheless, in our organization we stick to the definition developed by the World Bank. Hence, for us “social inclusion” means the process of improving the terms for individuals and groups to take part in society. As a result, people have more equal access to the various opportunities offered in the world. Empowerment of people is also very important aspect of social inclusion.

We strive to provide our beneficiaries the best possible terms of personal development. In fact, we have been involved in many projects aimed to improve social inclusion of the marginalized groups. The project known as 'social inclusion of the Carpathian Gypsies' ("Aktywni Karpaccy Romowie" in Polish) aims to improve health and interpersonal communication skills of the Romani living in our community. In addition, the beneficiary of the project can take part in the vocational learning and work as a trainee. Thus, the Romani may have better opportunities to integrate with Polish community. The project has been financed by the EU Fund.





In addition and in the line with our scope of action, we have developed a scheme of making our beneficiary groups more employable on the local labor market. The same principles of job activation apply to ethnic minorities as well as to the deaf. Our beneficiary groups undergo the following steps towards employability:

You can also watch video materials about internships and making our group more employable on the local labor market:



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