Our mission


Our mission is to empower people from marginalized social groups and combat all forms of discrimination based on poor health, age, sex, gender, ethnicity, religious believes, and political views. VU has been built on such core values solidarity, tolerance, and social inclusion. We believe in the social justice and feel obligated to be involved in the international affairs due to the history of our country, Poland. Our personal lives have been also shaped by foreign NGO (see: our history). Therefore, we are committed to provide help and support in a way similar to what we have been granted when Poland was under totalitarian rules.

Since establishment of the VU we have been working with the deaf and people with hearing difficulties. In addition, we have been actively involved in the projects focused on the Romani (Gypsies), elderly, and unemployed from various marginalized social groups e.g. young unemployed and mentally disabled (see: what we do). 

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